Sunday, June 19, 2005

Udupi Cafe

We went to Udupi Cafe for the first time when my library school friends visited. It was soooooo good. We've been back three times since, and it might be one of those things (like Ramen--see previous post) that every time I eat it, I go, Oh, it's never been THIS good!

Most of what I know about the place, I learned from this article in Scene: The Other India.

My advice: when you enter at the front of the restaurant, march in purposefully and try to make eye contact with one of the many servers who hang out at the back. No one greets you at the front, and we had trouble once being seated, hidden, in a corner, by someone who may have been a busperson. So, that time, the service wasn't great, but the first time we went, the waiter explained the menu to us and made recommendations, and was just generally very helpful, so I think it was just bad luck.

Also, the first time we went, we got the Chana Bhatura and the Masala Dosai. One of the times we went, we decided to get something different, and ended up ordering somethings that, I have to say, included some tastes that were foreign enough to me that I did not like them. So we've gone back to our two favorites, and we crave them when we haven't been there for a while. If you go, and you can't remember what things I'm recommending, there are labelled pictures of four dishes all over the restaurant. These two are in opposite corners of the poster. One is the giant puff of fried dough, and the other is the GIANT pancake/crepe thing folded in half.

And the fat in the yogurt in a sweet lassi cuts the heat better than water, so you should probably get one of those, too.


Blogger Brad said...

My girlfriend and I went to Udupi Cafe for the first time this evening and we loved it. We've always enjoyed Indian food, and we're not big meat eaters, so this was right up our alley.

I had the Chana Bhatura which was amazing, and my gf had the Vegetarian Makhani (though the "medium" spicyness was too much for her). Yet another great restaurant to add to our list of places we enjoy. The more we go out, the longer the list seems to get.

And by the way, cool site.

Friday, July 01, 2005 11:44:00 PM  

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