Saturday, June 18, 2005

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum

The last stop on the Bun tour today, was the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum.

We went there a few months back when my library school friends visited, and we love it. Dr. Jay's aunt and uncle got us a membership, so he and I get in for free, so we don't feel bad about going over and over, and we don't feel we need to see it all when we go.

It totally surpassed my expectations. It's a very professionally run museum, but hip and irreverant (as you might expect) but very respectful to the music without being, I don't know, too star-struck. Every time we go, I discover a new favorite part. The first time, I felt like I could have spent hours in the interactive exhibit showing how musicians have influenced each other. I also felt a very strong desire to put on Jimi Hendrix's clothes. I guess it put me in touch with my inner Jimi Hendrix, because I didn't feel that about, say, David Bowie's costumes, and I love David Bowie. Oh, and there's a wall about censorship, with clips of interviews, etc., that's very inspiring.

This time, I loved two things I missed the first time. One was the Jimi Hendrix Surround Sound Theater, which is about what you would expect: concert footage in a little theater with surround sound. The other was an MTV exhbit with clips of videos that tell stories about MTV as well as the evolution of music videos. I love music videos, even though I haven't really gotten to watch them since 1989 when I left for college, so I was fixated. I told Dr. Jay that if I ever run away, he might want to check there first.

The last thing about the RRHoF is that they have a deck that looks out over the lake, and it is just beatiful out there. It's right next to the giant Wall prop from The Wall. You can't miss it.


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