Saturday, June 18, 2005

Great Lakes Brewing Company

As I said a few posts ago, I'm not a beer drinker. Neither is Dr. Jay. But the more I heard about the Great Lakes Brewing Company, the more I liked it, so we went there for lunch with the Buns after the Trolly ride.

What did I hear? Well, I'm glad you asked. First, they have great names for their beers, like Holy Moses, the label of which features a picture of Moses Cleaveland parting Lake Erie, with the Cleveland skyline in the background. Then there's another called Burning River, which I probably don't need to explain. They're cool.

But also, Dr. Jay has gotten into this vermicomposting thing, which I won't get into in this post, and they do that, too. Here's a page about all kinds of cool stuff they do. Supporting local farmers, concern for the environment.

So we went for lunch, and it was really good. I had bratwurst, pierogis, and cabbage. The bratwurst was juicy, and mustard wicked hot, the cabbage a little sweet (so nice after the mustard!), and the pierogis chewy, potatoe-y, salty, and delicious. Poppa Bun had the Walleye Bites appetizer as an entree, and it was great, too.

Some of their desserts looked pretty cool, too, but we didn't try any today. We sat outside at the GLBC, and we could see the West Side Market from where we were. And across the street, on Saturdays, there's a craft/flea market. I didn't have much time to look, but I can tell you there was someone selling vinyl LPs and someone else selling really cool jewelry made from found objects. And across the street was a place called Talkies Film and Coffee Bar which we didn't try, but I'm intrigued. I guess they show old movies somewhere in there, but I didn't see them anywhere.


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