Saturday, June 18, 2005

Today I love Cleveland more than I ever thought possible

I love it when people visit us, because we get to be tourists in Cleveland. Dr. Jay's dad, Poppa Bun, and stepmom, Momma Bun, visited us last night and today from the southeastern US, where they live. We had an amazing 24 hours.

It's a lot cooler this weekend than it was for a while (it was like in the 90s there for a long stretch!), and though the day started off overcast, it became sunny with a blue sky and fluffy clouds.

I'm going to try to write about what we did this weekend so I don't get even farther behind. Dr. Jay and I just ate an enormous piece of chocolate mousse cake from Vera's Nationality Bakery that Poppa Bun got for us at West Side Market, so we'll see how long that keeps me going before I crash. Since I brought it up, the cake. Oh, the cake. So cocoa-y and dark and not too sweet. Dense, dark cake, cocoa-y mousse between the layers, and frosting that was maybe half way to ganache? I don't know, but I recommend it highly.


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