Monday, May 02, 2005

Another reason I haven't posted, besides being busy

Another reason I haven't posted in a while (other than being busy) is that for a few days in there, I was sort of over Cleveland, and I felt my enthusiasm, over the winter often bordering on hysteria, waning, and I found myself feeling a little disgusted by everything I saw. This started just before my trip to Austin, and for a few days, I was shocked that I could have ever wanted to leave Austin.

I have pretty much always felt about Cleveland (well, since I got here) that it has the potential to be this really cool place, a lot like Austin. A liberal haven in a possibly less liberal state, strong local culture and arts and music scene, things to do outdoors, ethnic and regional food variety, etc.

But I've had some thoughts about this. In fact maybe too many thougths for one post. Maybe here it will suffice to say that maybe Cleveland doesn't want to be Austin. (Have you ever heard the song by Dar Williams called "Southern California Wants to be Western New York"?) But Cleveland just seems so sad, and I can't help trying to find ways to help it be happier. When I arrived in the Austin airport in the middle of the night, I noticed that the people working in the airport looked so happy. Is this only a product of the weather? I just don't think so.


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