Thursday, March 31, 2005

Vidstar Video

Where we were in Cali, I had a devil of a time finding anywhere to rent movies other than Blockbuster, who seemed to be relieving itself of any inventory that wasn't totally mainstream. We finally started borrowing videotapes and DVDs from the library.

The library system where we were was pretty good, and our branch had a really good selection of movies. Also, items reserved online usually got to our branch within a couple of days, and I don't think I ever looked forsomething I couldn't get.

We tried that with the library here, because I'm all for libraries and Dr. Jay is all for free (there were small fees at the library in Cali, both for borrowing DVDs and for reserving items, but they didn't amount to much) but our branch has a tiny selection and items on reserve can take weeks or months to arrive. (There are not, however, any fees associated with borrowing DVDs or putting items on reserve.)

So we needed another alternative, and we found Vidstar Video, a good, old-fashioned, hip, local video store over on Coventry. It seems like a tiny place, but they also seem to have everything.


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