Wednesday, March 30, 2005

We opened our windows today!

It was 70 today! My god, spring is finally here!

When we came home today after work, it was broad daylight, and warmer outside than in the house!

Spring really does feel better after an actual winter. Of course, I felt sort of hot and itchy and headachy today, but, as I recall from growning up in New England, I always got sort of sick when spring came. My mom called it spring fever, which is sort of funny because, a) the thing everyone else calls Spring Fever is a relaxed and positive thing, like Senior-itis; and b) I read somewhere that Spring Fever was originally actual illnesses that people used to have by spring in the olden days from not eating any fruits and vegetables all winter. And neither of these seems to apply to me.

Everyone says that it will get cold again and might very well snow, but I don't care.


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