Sunday, March 13, 2005

Anatolia Cafe

A few weeks ago we went out on a Friday night not really sure where we were going to eat, and we ended up at Anatolia Cafe, a Turkish restaurant with yummy, yummy food. (The link's a little wonky, but hopefully it will turn out to be the right one...)

I got some lentil soup, which was pretty good, and hmmmm. I don't remember. One of us got shish kebab, I think, and the other...maybe an eggplant thing? Whatever it was, it was awesome. Maybe stuffed eggplant? The eggplant was the one we really fought over.

This isn't a very good or helpful post, is it?

Well, what was definitely good was the custard we had for dessert. Very firm and unusual. But soooo good.


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