Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Mekong River

Mmmmmm. Mekong River.

We went on Friday because we wanted to try something new, and we were really impressed. I just said, "What was that place called?" and Dr. Jay said, "Uhhhhh. That was good."

They had a lot of things on the menu that I recognize from Thai restaurants, and then they have some Cambodian items. We got some Tom Kha Kai, and it was the simplest and most delicious version I've had. Chicken, coconut milk, lime, cilantro. It was fantastic.

Then we got Beef Macadamia. I was afraid it would be like cashew chicken, all gooey and sweet. But it was beautiful, nutty, slightly sweet, and lots of basil.

The waiter was surprised that we weren't done ordering, but we also got Cambodian Gumbo with chicken. This was sort of strange; I don't think I've ever had anything spiced like it before. But it was good, too. Papaya, pumpkin, green beans, baby corn, etc.

They were really nice and gave us extra rice to bring home with all our leftovers. We're definitely going back.


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