Monday, January 31, 2005

Ferdl Aster Ski Shop

Earlier in the month, we went to Ferdl Aster Ski Shop because my parents wanted to get us cross country skis for Christmas and we didn't have time to go look before Christmas.
Ferdl (FAIR dle) Aster is from Austria and sounds like your grandfather if your grandfather was also Arnold Schwartzenegger's grandfather. He runs the shop along with his son. He spent lots of time with us explaining over and over the pros and cons of the different brands and models of nordic skis.
We ended up choosing some with a partial metal edge, probably inspired by the mountainous terrain we skied on in California last winter.
Anyway, they didn't have my size in, so Ferdl loaned me a pair of rental skis until mine came in. And off we went.
We skied a little that day at Squire Valleevue farm, but the wind was fierce and Dr. Jay had some work to do, so we weren't out very long.
When we went back a couple of days later to pick up my skis, I thought Ferdl was going to hug me like we were old friends!


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