Friday, December 24, 2004

Lots of snow.

Well, we're snowed in. Not into our house, but into Cleveland. Our flight to New England was cancelled twice, so now we're staying here.

It's funny, because everyone here has gone on and on about the snow, acting like there was just no way I could fathom how snowy it was going to get, and bragging about how people here know how to handle it, etc., etc. So now that it's snowed 16 inches, I'm like, "Yeah, I'm ready!" and everyone else is like, "Oh, no! So much snow! We have to cancel all the flights!"

But the snow and the icicles are beautiful, and we got stuff for lasagne and chocolate bread pudding for tomorrow. The fireplace is nice, and we're going to have a quiet Christmas here, just the two of us.


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