Friday, November 19, 2004

Pacific East Japanese Restaurant

Post-sushi bliss. Hm.

Tonight we decided to go get some sushi, the first we've had here on the North Coast. We decided to try the closest one, Pacific East Japanese Restaurant on Coventry (see below for Coventry post).

Well. The miso soup tasted, to me, bacony, which is just about the best way something can taste. (Dr. Jay wasn't sure he would call it bacony, so don't expect bacon, but expect delicious.) So good. And the salad tasted just like green salads in sushi restaurants always taste, which is good, and any concerns regarding the wisdom of eating sushi outside of San Francisco, LA, or NYC were draining away.

Like with the Pho (see previous post), it's been a very long time, like 3 months, since we've eaten sushi, and it always tastes better the longer it's been.

Well, it was awesome. We had some nigiri, which was good, but not nearly as good as the rolls. My god, we love sushi rolls. We got one called American Dream Roll: shrimp tempura, fish roe, eel, cucumber, avocado, and eel sauce. I was huge and blew us away. My goodness, that's all my favorites! They also had, but we didn't get, a Giant Eel Roll: eel, cucumber, avocado topped with avocado, eel, and fish roe. Eel and avocado topped with eel and avocado?!? Is it a typo, or a dream come true?

Speaking of things we didn't get, 4 late-middle-aged people at a nearby table got The Boat. 21 pcs nigiri, 33 pcs sashimi, two rolls, and 3 hand rolls SERVED IN A GIANT WOODEN BOAT. No, really, this was so big, it would never have fit on the two-top where we were sitting. I mean, this boat had, like, rigging. It was amazing! The menu said this combo is for 3 people, and I can't wait to see what the King & Queen, for 4 people, looks like.

At the end, with our check, they brought us little shot glasses of Plum Wine. We wondered if you're allowed to hand out alcoholic beverages for free to people who don't ask for them, but I guess you can. Anyway, it was good. Better than a mint.

One other thing, and I'm really not getting my hopes up, but I noticed on the way home that the menu says they have ramen (see the Pho post below) that actually sounds like it might not be bad. It seems unlikely that it would be anywhere near as good as from a place that specializes in ramen, but there's no way to find out other than to go back.


Blogger Mo said...

Hey there... I found your post/blog totally by chance!!! I'm a transplant to Cleveland Heights from Chicago, so my food Jones is real bad too. I agree, this is not a bad little place, is it? Now if we could ONLY get some real Thai around here!!! I'll check out the rest of your blog but it appears that we're eating in each others' shadows!!!! Love when this kind of thing happens :-)

Thursday, July 14, 2005 7:59:00 PM  

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