Sunday, November 07, 2004

Jonathan Richman at Grogshop

Last night, Dr. Jay and I went to the Grogshop for the first time, to see Jonathan Richman. Dr. Jay was petty new to him; I'd seen him a few times back when I lived in Austin in the 90's.

Yes, that's right. We stayed up PAST MIDNIGHT and spent several hours in a bar filled with CIGARETTE SMOKE. (How can people sing in bars filled with smoke?) We wonder when Cleveland will make that illegal. I guess we must be heading in that direction, but slowly. But if you're a smoker who likes bars, this will be another thing to recommend Cleveland...

The Grog Shop reminded me of the Electric Lounge in Austin, at least the way it was when I was there. It mostly attracts bands I've never heard of, but Bob Mould and Juliana Hatfield jump out at me as people I know who are coming up. While JR attracts people of all ages, I think the Grog Shop typical patron is probably somewhat younger and hipper than me.
So it's a cool place, cosy, smoky, hip. But here's the thing: It's about 10 minutes from my house, if that, and there is very cheap metered parking in a garage across the street. Try doing that in Cali! (I mean, obviously you could do that in SOME places in Cali, but not on the Peninsula where we lived.) I don't see it becoming a regular hangout, But I love that fact that it's here.

And, being on Coventry, which I will describe in another post, it's near restaurants, coffee shops, and book and record stores.


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