Friday, November 05, 2004

Cleveland Ethnic Eats

My old and dear friend, Em-Kay gave me the book Cleveland Ethnic Eats (2004 edition) as a shower gift over the summer, and I have to say, I read it from cover to cover, giddy with the knowledge that I wasn't about to move to a place with all the culture of a loaf of Wonder Bread. (Not that Wonder Bread doesn't have a place, but that place is next to a big plate of Texas barbeque...)

Since we arrived, we found a copy of the 2002 edition at a tag sale (yes, I'm from the northeast, where we call them tag sales) for $.25 that we keep in the car for quick and handy reference! So when I'm sitting at a stoplight and see a restaurant, I can check it out before I forget the name. And, no, I would never even think if trying to look in the book while I'm actcually driving.


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