Friday, November 05, 2004


The main purpose of this blog is to keep track of all the fun and delicious things we do here, as a way to sell friends and family members on visiting us. It is also a way to remind myself of which restaurants we've tried and what we thought of them, so we can go back to the best ones. Fianally, it's a diary of things we've found to love about our new home.

When the possibility of moving, either to Cleveland or to DC, first came up, our response and the response of everyone we talked to was, "Well, DC. Obviously." But the job, the cost of living, the availability of three-bedroom houses with fenced-in yards for dogs--these wore us down, and at the end of August we loaded up the dog and 23 houseplants into the station wagon and left California, headed for Ohio.

So this, I hope, will an advertisement for our new hometown, which doesn't seem, so far, to deserve its reputation as "the armpit of America." I should warn, however, that we are not the hippest couple around. Dr. Jay and I are (recently) married, our median age is 30.5, and we "go to bed with the grannies," as a friend recently pointed out.

We actually live in one of the "Heightses" east of Clevland proper, but we are certainly within the Cleveland Metropolitan area. I'd like to think that this blog will include downtown and the West Side as much as the East Side where we live, but we're increasingly finding that there's so much going on nearby that we don't need to stray too far.


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