Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Belli Ristoranti Italiani

Right after we got to town it was Labor Day, everything seemed to be closed, we had no food, and we didn't know where to go to eat. So we found Geraci's Restaurant at 2266 Warrensville Center Rd, Cleveland, (216) 371-5643. I think I had spaghetti and meatball(s). It was good. The sauce was sort of sweet, as I recall, but we vowed to return and get pizza. Also, I liked the atmosphere, as it reminded me of pizza places in central Connecticut, where I grew up. This was our first inkling that so many things in Cleveland are in strip malls, that it's not an indicator of how good a place is or isn't.

Another time, we were out and hungry but wanted to try a new place. We ended up at DeGaetano's Village Square Pizza at 27349 Chagrin Boulevard, Woodmere Village, (216) 831-5282. Also in a strip mall, also good. Again, I think I got spaghetti and meatballs. Again, we decided to go back and get the pizza. Again, I liked the atmosphere. They said they've been there for many years.

We went to Mama Santa's at 12305 Mayfield Rd, Cleveland, (216) 231-9567, before the Symphony with Mama D. This time, in Little Italy; not in a strip mall. The atmosphere was ok, except for the weak flourescent lights in the room we ate in, which made me feel sick and like I couldn't breathe. Third time: spaghetti and meatballs (what can I say? I didn't realize.) I got the version with homemade pasta. It was good. We vowed, here again, to get the pizza next time. Very popular; long wait.


Blogger airycay said...

Was it just the one meatball?

Wednesday, December 08, 2004 7:54:00 PM  
Blogger airycay said...

Geraci's - was it just one big meatball? Don't you just hate that? I so prefer the multiple meatballs.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004 8:24:00 PM  

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