Saturday, March 12, 2005

Peking Gourmet

Last night we went to Peking Gourmet for the first time. Apparently, everyone's crazy about their vegetarian dishes. (That's a link to Google Local. I don't know how it will work...)

We got a meat dish, some kind of sizzling something with three meats. It was really good. We also got a vegetarian dish, which we didn't really like, which is strange for us not to like something. It had some nice fried tofu, but then something, maybe called bamboo tofu? Or pate? and some other things, maybe they were the pate? Or woodear mushrooms? Anyway, there was a taste we didn't like, maybe sweet or liquid smoke?

Anyway, we found out they have Peking Duck, which we just had for the first time a few weeks ago in DC, and we're definitely going to go back and try that as soon as we can think of any excuse to celebrate. Maybe St. Patrick's Day?


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