Sunday, July 03, 2005

Johnny Mango

Last night we wanted to try something new, so I got out my list of places I want to try, and Dr. Jay chose Johnny Mango's. So we went to the one in Willoughby (pronounced willuhbee? I thought it would be willowbee, but was laughed at by my husband).

Johnny Mango's is in a little downtown that had some artsy shops and a number of restaurants. Who knew that was there?

Anyway, JM's is a pretty cool little place, decorated in kind of a "the Islands" way. They have a bean, a veggie, and a grain each day. I don't know how often it rotates. Dr. Jay ordered the Bangkok BBQ Chicken (with white meat; they said that cost extra, but that the leg and thigh would take 30 minutes to cook and we were starving, since it was almost 9 pm). It was sort of sweet and teriaki-y and maybe slightly fruity. He also go the veggie of the day, which was chard (which I love) in a sweet and sesame-e sauce. The grain of the day appeared to be white rice, and the chicken, greens, and rice together were like candy. There were also some borracho-type beans that were a little bland, but easily ignored for the other stuff.

I got a special for the day, fish tacos with mahi. They were good, and had a little kick to them, and lots of cilantro. (And crispy taco shells, which, when was the last time I had a crispy taco?) I, too, had the boring borracho beans, but, again, I ignored them an concentrated on eating the tacos and all the stuff that fell out of the tacos with the white rice. Then there was some kind of non-creamy and totally delicious slaw. I'm afraid that's all I can say, other than I kept seeing some kind of gourd seed in it and it was tangy. Mine also came with a grilled banana with lime. I accidentally tried to put the lime on my tacos instead of on the banana. The banana was good, but mostly a novelty, and not quite the same as a plantain.

Next time, we want to try the bread and slather of the day. When we were there, the bread was "backpacker" and the slather was like orange-mango-ginger or something. What would that be like? Backpacker? I'm game.


Blogger Christine said...

you should try the one in ohio city. have you been in ohio city much yet?

Tuesday, July 05, 2005 7:53:00 PM  

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