Monday, July 11, 2005

Cafe Tandoor

Dr. Jay and I went to Cafe Tandoor not long after we moved here, and, for some reason, I wasn't particularly impressed. But we went again last week, and I LOVED it! I can't eat the hot foods like I used to, and we got some nice things that weren't too spicy. I got an eggplant and tomato thing; Dr. Jay got...darn. Oh, wait the menu's online.

Navaratana Curry or Navaratana Tofu Curry · $9.95: Mixed fresh vegetables, paneer or tofu, & cashews in a tomato based curry
Baigan Bharta · $9.95: Tandoori roasted eggplant, mashed & mixed with tomatoes, onions & pea

One of our friends got something with cauliflower, which was also great, and another got this

Tandoori Mixed Grill · $18.95: A sampling of tandoori chicken, chicken tikka, a tandoori prawn, seekh kebab & boti kebab, served sizzling with onions & bell peppers

I only had a little bit of the mixed grill, but what I had was awesome.


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